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Photography - Euliser Polanco - euliserpolanco.comMUA - Euliser PolancoModel, Hair, Stylism - M Pardo Corsetry (follow me on FB!)Assistant - Breogan AlvarezOne of the resulting pics from my last photoshoot <3<3 Love the movement of the skirt and the decadent, abandoned factory. The whole lot of pictures taken are awesome!

Photography - Euliser Polanco - euliserpolanco.com
MUA - Euliser Polanco
Model, Hair, Stylism - M Pardo Corsetry (follow me on FB!)
Assistant - Breogan Alvarez

One of the resulting pics from my last photoshoot <3<3 Love the movement of the skirt and the decadent, abandoned factory. The whole lot of pictures taken are awesome!





Model: Calamity Amelie
Corset: Viola Lahger
Photo: Josefine Jönsson / https://www.facebook.com/josefinejonsson.photography

Beautiful bustline on this piece, though I could never pull this off personally.

That lacework though…yummm

stunning -Miss Miasma

About corset buying

*This post is not meant to be offensive in any way. I’m trying to defend what I think is the best and point out things to look at so wearers get exactly what they’re looking for.*

I feel kinda violent when I find texts of other people saying how amazing this brand’s prèt-a-porter corsets are while they keep prices really low. I’ve seen people saying that these kind of corsets last quite a long time in good condition. They probably mean that the fabrics are not ripping away so they may think this is good enough and that this is the only thing to look at. Well, it isn’t.

Guys, I need to tell you that a real corset cannot cost 30€. It’s materially impossible for a corset to be that cheap, and if it is then you’ll get what you pay for: something that will be uncomfortable and that will last a couple of times before it starts to wear out.

I talk from my experience: I do have prèt-a-porter corsets (I mean, these corsets that cost about 40€, are ready to wear and may look pretty in that picture you’ve seen in the web). And they are not good. Fabrics can be nice and good looking, embellishments may be cool, it can seem to be well constructed… But they won’t ever fit you as they should which is actually the aim you bought that garment for.

These corsets are cheap and look like good-quality ones. If you don’t want to spend much more money for a corset you’re gonna use just once, then go for it. I do understand they’re good options when getting money is a deal.

But please, if you feel like waist training or using your corset often GO CUSTOM. Here you’ve got some reasons.

Off-the-rack corsets are not usually built for tight-lacing and it’s dangerous for you and your garment to do so. It may be described as “good for tight-lacing, steel boned” and stuff like that. This sort of garments have steel only at the front closure, called busk, and they don’t tend to be quite good. And if you take a closer look, you’ll see eyelets tending to pop out or ripping away the fabric surrounding them, regular or bad quality laces, lack of modesty panel, busks showing through the sewings (specially the loop half) and a long etc. And the last thing, these cheap corsets are made to meet standard measurements. Who has perfect standard measurements? No-one except maybe one or two people in a million. This is the reason why they don’t feel as the second skin they should.

Custom corsetry is made by experienced corset makers that use the best materials they can to create unique designs following the requirements of their customers. These corsets are obvioulsy more expensive - they *must* be expensive, corsets need special materials that are expensive themselves and sometimes hard to find. Also they are made following the specifications of a concrete person and his/her personal measurements: this means every single corset needs to be patterned (which is a really precise and time-consuming work) for every single person.
This might be confusing for people that are not familiar with corset-making, but I hope this makes sense at least (keep in mind you’re unique and so are your measurements). Custom corsets have lots of benefits and can be made for tightlacing, as a foundation garment, for shows… And can be made in infinite styles. Your imagination is your only limit. And, as they’re made just for you, they’ll feel really comfy and reshape your body to achieve the desired silhouette. The only disadvantage, if you want to say it like that, is that this is usually pricey. But remember, these garments are exclusive, take a lot of time and knowledge to make them well, and last forever if cared properly.

I hope you understand all this. Thank you.