I'm a serious ballet student and couturier -yay multifaceted! Those two passions, plus my love for costume reenactments, make this blog possible. Enjoy!


Just finished these spats for a bride to wear in her wedding next month <3 Love ivory tones so much more than pure whites. Pretty!!



Pendragon Shoes

Established in 1987, Pendragon is the designer shoemaking duo Jackie Orme Ward and Adrian Lockwood. Their vision? To create something extraordinary and unique; a quest to bring to life shoes you’d dreamt you might one day find; shoes to desire and delight… shoes to treasure.

They accept commissions from around the world and create exclusive limited edition collections, costume shoes, one off exhibition art pieces – all designed and personally hand made. Rare buttons, antique buckles, vintage and hand tooled leathers combine to create the distinct Pendragon signature. You won’t find these shoes anywhere else!